- Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S is the impartial party between buyer and seller. We deal with all types of control / quality assurance tasks.

As your independent ISO 9001 certified partner, Albers-Hansen is your guarantee of correct quality and quantity.

We have surveyors throughout Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, and can with our presence in all the Scandinavian ports ensure your cargo.

Our competent and professionally skilled surveyors have extensive experience in sampling and testing for the various contracts.


Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S carries out controls/inspection/visual tasks on ships - container - stocks - leased values etc. This is in order to document items/cargo condition to the buyer/seller.


We can also perform dockside analyzes of grain, pellets and other products in all bigger ports.

We'll keep you constantly updated with the quality of the goods during either loading or discharging.


Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S will issue certifications in various industries. A certified product must meet very specific requirements providing security for consumers.

As First Class GAFTA superintend and full FOSFA member we issue weight, quality and cleanliness certificates.

Certification creates confidence and a good image among consumers.

Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S can help you with the certification, which is perhaps your differentiation to your competitors.


Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S

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